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Leaning Tower of Pisa

Visit the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. Dive into its history and marvel at its unintended tilt. Explore with our ticket options for a comprehensive experience.

Pisa Cathedral

Pisa Cathedral: A timeless masterpiece in Piazza dei Miracoli. View Romanesque design, ornate facades, mosaics, bronze door. Gain access to the Monumental Complex, St. John's Baptistery, Opera del Duomo Museum, Camposanto and Synopie Museum.

Pisa Baptistery

The Pisa Baptistery, a magnificent circular structure in the heart of Piazza dei Miracoli, is a sample of exquisite Romanesque design, adorned with intricate sculptures and a captivating dome. Inside, the acoustics create a unique auditory experience, making it a favored venue for musical performances

Camposanto Pisa

Camposanto, situated in the picturesque Pisa Cathedral Square, is a monumental cemetery with elegant Gothic architecture and serene cloisters. It houses ancient tombs, intricate frescoes, and sculptures that chronicle centuries of Pisan heritage. Art, history, and tranquility converge in one of Italy's most iconic squares.

Sinopie Museum

Discover 'sinopie' at Sinopie Museum in Pisa. Deepen appreciation for Pisa's artistic legacy.

Opera del Duomo Museum Pisa

The Opera del Duomo Museum houses a remarkable collection of sculptures, artifacts, and original artworks from the city's iconic monuments, including the Cathedral, Baptistery, and Leaning Tower. Marvel at intricate medieval sculptures, precious relics, and learn about the history of Pisa's architectural wonders.

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